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About Terry


Terry’s secondary education was at the Friends School in Castle Park, Lancaster before he moved on to Lancaster Art School.  From there he proceeded to the Royal Academy of Art in London, gaining degrees in Fine Art and Industrical Textile Design.

Although he loved textile design, he did not want to live in an industrial area and secured a teaching position at St Thomas School in Lancaster, which later amalgamated with Ripley School  to become Ripley St Thomas where Terry was Head of Art until his retirement . 


This page is under development. 

Please check back later.

Under Development

For now, here is a picture of Terry from 1955 taken by his wife on holiday in summer 1955.  There’s another photo from his honeymoon on the Fishing page.


Terry on holiday, summer 1955

Terry on holiday, summer 1955


Additional personal information about Terry’s family will be available on the Family sub-page.  Access to this page is protected and is intended for use by the family, friends and close associates. If you would like access, then please contact me, Kate Phizackerley, using the contact form

To follow updates to this site please visit the companion blog at http://news.ptphiz.org.uk for latest news including updates to this site.


© Kate Phizackerley 2008-9


1. swatch - 31st January 2009

thank you for compiling this site – I love Terry’s paintings. This is a fascinating photo.

2. Jeff - 14th January 2010

I have three of Terry’s paintings – Penyghent from Silverdale Road, Thornes Gill Pack Horse Bridge & Easegill – all watercolours – all on show & loved.

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