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Horse and Rider 3rd September 2008

Posted by katephiz in 1970s, Abstract, Oil, PT Phiz, Signed.
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Horse and Rider

Horse and Rider

(The photograph has too much illumination from the right.  When conditions are better, I’ll take a new photograph and replace this one.)

Horse and Rider is a large (48″ x 33″) oil from canvas from about 1970.  It is presented in its original frame of brown canvas slip inside silver gilt.  The choice of (what is a relatively expensive) frame illustrates the importance of this work, as does its size. 

There are few records of what was exhibited, when; I believe this painting was exhibited once at a Lancaster Art Group exhibition.  While hunting through Terry’s scrapbooks, I cam across a couple of pages clipped from the Radio Times.  A quick photo of one of the images is shown to the right.  It’s quite different to the oil painting itself, but an obvious question is whether this was one of the inspirations for the pianting.  (It’s worth noting that the Radio Times was printed in black and white in those days.)  So far I have not managed to find the date for the edition from which this was clipped.