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The Rocks 21st December 2008

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The Rocks at the Crook o'Lune

The Rocks at the Crook o'Lune

This is a relatively late (c. 2000) full size watercolour of the rocks at the apex of the bend of the Lune at the Crook o’Lune near Caton, viewed lookng upstream.   Although quite late, Terry had long wanted to do a watercolour of this scene (I believe there was an earlier oil painting – but I may be wrong), but struggled to find a water level that was exactly what he wanted. I’ve been unable to inspect the back of the picture for a name but in discussions my father always referred to it as “The Rocks”.

Like in so many of his watercolours, the trees are wearing their autumn colours.


Artlebeck Bridge 17th December 2008

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dsc_0137-cropped-paintThis watercolour was painted specially as a gift for Terry’s daughter-in-law on her 18th birthday and depicts Artlebeck Bridge on the boundary between Caton and Brookhouse in Lancashire.  It was never exhibited, nor hung in Terry’s studio so it has never been seen in public before.

I’ll grab some measurements and straighten the image when I can.

Lawson Wood Corner 7th October 2008

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This photo shows a watercolour of Lawson Wood Corner, looking down towards Pipetrack.  The fishing hut which is the subject of Lawson Wood Hut (or rather it’s predecessor which was destroyed by spate) is shown under the tree on the left.  The sky is a classic Terry sky of sun streaming through dark clouds.  Combined with the water, this is a particularly fine example of Terry’s work.  At about 20″ x 14″ it’s a typical watercolour size about.

The photo has been kindly supplied by the painting’s current owner whose uncle Eddie Houghton bought it from my father.  I actually remember Eddie as a fine old gentleman and a great fisherman.  Eddie and my father often used to fish together.  It is suspected that the painting dates from the late 60s, or possibly early 70s.

St Frances Passage (watercolour) 2nd September 2008

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As a principle, and despite several commssion requests to do so, Terry would never repeat the same scene so that each purchaser possessed a unique work of art. Very occasionally he believed that a scene could be reinterpreted and this is one of those rare examples.  One of his favourite paintings was an early oil painting of St Frances Passage in Lancaster.  More than 30 years later, when the area had seen significant redevelopment, he returned late in his life to capture the scene in watercolour producing another painting he considered one of his finest.   (An early girlfriend had been called Frances so the name always had memories as well.)

The painting is typical of his mid-size watercolours at about 18″ across.  It is in a private collection overseas.  NFS

(I apologise for the poor standard of this photo.  I didn’t have my trusty Nikon with me and there were reflections from the glass as well.  Sorry.  I’ll try harder!)

Lancaster from Skerton 1st September 2008

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Lanacaster from Lune

Lanacaster from Lune

A relatively early oil painting of Lancaster from the banks of the Lune.  It is believed to date from the mid 50’s and is about 2 feet in width.  It was presented as a gift by the artist and remains in a private collection.  NFS


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