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Terry loved painting the Lune and his fans loved his pictures of the river.  None of his paintings were more popular.  The combination of water, trees, river and sky makes for classic watercolours. 

Fishing Top Masons

Terry loved to fish, catching his first two salmon in 1958, although he and his wife had both fished for trout for several years before that.  He was a member of the Lancaster and District Angling Association, fishing the Caton beat from Barn Stream by the Caton Picnic site on the main road to Hornby down to Penny Bridge, although when he became a member the beat stretched down only just beyond the mouth of Artle Beck.  It is this stretch of river, which he loved so much, which was most frequently the subject for his paintings, but over his long career he painted much of the river from Killington in the north, down to Glasson Dock in the far estuary.

As the subject lent itself so thoroughly to watercolours, most of his Lune paintings are in watercolour.  There are exceptions of course: an oil of the Lune at Lancaster  and a pen and ink drawing of Devils Bridge in Kirkby Lonsdale.

© Kate Phizackerley 2008



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