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Artist’s Studio

We moved to Caton from Lancaster in 1963 and my father lived there until he died nearly 40 years later.  In 1966 or 1967, with the (limited) help of a very young daughter (me!) he converted an old washroom at the back of the house to be his studio.  To provide more room, we took out an outdoor privy and knocked the wall through from the Studio, supporting the roof of stone flags by a pine logged donated by Geoffrey Wildman, owner of the local bobbin mill (Willow Mill). 

A gate at the side of the house allowed visitors to be shown to the Studio without coming through the house.  At any time, perhaps 8 pictures, usually watercolours, would be hung on the back wall of the Studio.  More would be shown to visitors who expressed an interest.  The best pictures would, for a time, be hung in the main house and unseen by most visitors, although friends did see them and arranged to buy them.  Many of my father’s favourite pictures were therefore never exhibited publicly and the photos on this site in some cases will be their first public presentation. 

His oil paintings fall neatly into 3 generations.  A group of early oils, some on canvas but some on hardboard when he couldn’t afford canvas, were painted before he moved to Caton.  In the late 60s and early 70s a second group of oils paintings were painted in the rear Studio.  A group of relatively late oils, painted on Daler Board and mostly of Morecambe Bay, were painted on a easel in the main house.

Watercolours were also usually painted in the main house, usually on an easel but sometimes working flat.

 © Kate Phizackerley 2008



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