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This site is dedicated to the work of my late father, the Lancaster artist, PT Phizackerley, BA ARCA (Terry), whose work was exported to many countries and hangs in public collections like the Harris Collection in Preston.  In total over his career Terry sold nearly 200 works but a significant number remain in the family’s collections and many of these works, including some of his finest, have never before been seen in public.  Further pages are also being developed to describe his technique and to summarise his life and career.   Throughout this site, our intention is to share personal recollections to give an insight into how he approached his work and to present photographs of as many of his works as possible.  Those only familiar with his watercolours may be surprised at the breadth of his talent.

Pictures of his artwork will be added as time permits ( see http://news.ptphiz.org.uk), but most weeks I’ll try to add a few.  Go to the Gallery page so see the latest photographs which have been add.  Works are being given an index number (#0001, #0002 …) in the order they are uploaded.  This index has nothing to do with the order in which works were finished by the artist.

If you wish to locate particular types of picture, the easiest way is to click on the relevant category link in the sidebar on the right.  Additional fine detail such as the location depicted has been added as tags (rather then categories).  If you wish to search for a specific title or other details, a search facility has been provided to search the Gallery. (It does not search the narrative pages so you are advised to read any which may be relevant to your particular interest.)

The categories used are as follows:



Many works were produced for particular exhibitions or as part of a series of works.  Where known (or reasonably suspected!), works have been assigned to collection categories as follows:


If a work is dated, the date will be shown as a tag.  As many works are undated, we have categorised all works within a decade (1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s).  This is usually possible by association with works whose dates are well known but in some cases, particularly where a work was completed at the turn of a decade our categorisation may be inaccurate; where we have significant doubt, both decades have been assigned. 



While letting any works go is painful, the truth is that some sit in portfolios and Terry always intended his art to be on display and enjoyed.  Certain works may therefore be avialable upon application.  Where the present owner has indicated that the work is specifically Not for Sale, an NFS tag has been applied.  For further information, contact me using the form on the Contact page (see below). 

The family has lost track of much of Terry’s work.  If you own one, we’d love to hear from you.  If you are willing to provide a photograph and information to allow your treasured painting to be added to this archive, we would be particularly pleased.  If you contact me, I will email you back so that photos etc can be exchanged by email.  To contact me, please use the message form on the Contact page. 

It is also possible to add a Comment on any picture – look for the “add a comment” link in the tags at the top of each post.


All material on this site is © Kate Phizackerley 2008-9 unless otherwise noted. 

All rights in images of artwork are fully reserved.