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Family Portraits

In compiling this site, there was a dilemma whether to show pictures always intended for the family, not for public viewing.  A few portaits have quite poignant memories attached to them, for instance the last portrait my father painted of my mother.  On the other hand, no picture of an artist can be complete unless it shows how he depicted his nearest and dearest.  Also, as so many of the portraits he undertook were commissions and again are deeply personal to the sitter and their family, this site would be largely bereft of portraiture (other than still life studies) if all family portraits were witheld.

A mixed approach has been adopted.  Some portraits have been withheld, for instance the last portrait of my mother and a portrait of me with my two brothers.  Others have been added, or will be added as time permits, for instance a 1957 watercolour of Terry’s mother which was so personal to the artist that even my brothers and I had not seen it before his death. 


© Kate Phizackerley 2008
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